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Sunday, October 7, 2007
I've been wanting to write about this for a little while, as I find this to be pretty amusing, but it is also one of my entirely useless blogs that has nothing to do with anything besides a useless thought I had. So here goes.

I find the word "so" to be the world's most amusing word. Why is this? A little while back, I was talking with someone, and then there was silence, and then the person transitioned back into speaking by saying "so..." (periods of ellipsis meaning a pause) and then they asked a harmless question. So let me correct myself already, I don't find "so" to be particularly funny. It has to be followed by a pause, and then a question. Whenever someone says the word "so" followed by a pause it means they pretty much have nothing left to talk about and are filling the gap from there. Here's an example...

Me: Yeah, so I've been doing really well at my job. It's pretty boring, but you know, whattaya gonna do?
Other person: Yeah. I feel the same way.
(awkard pause)
(awkward pause...both people look around for someone more interesting)
(awkward pause...look at cel phone, as if willing it to call)
Other person: So...what are you doing this weekend?

It's very terrible of me, but I always find myself laughing a little to myself about this. Of course this also ties into the default question when you have no questions left and are a young person. It could be Monday morning at 8 am, and someone will still ask you what you are doing this upcoming weekend if they have nothing else to say. But that is another topic for another time.

You probably haven't noticed it before, I hadn't before that first time, but after I had I started noticing it constantly. It's kind of like when someone you know just got a new car (let's say an Expedition that is blue) and before then you had never seen them around and all of a sudden they are everywhere! It's exactly like that - you will notice every one on one situation will likely have one of these little sections.

Perhaps it is just me, as I have found myself to be strangely terrible about dealing with one on one situations. The funny thing is, I generally find myself to be a very good conversationalist. This is another example of my all or nothing nature. If I'm talking with someone one on one, I could either go for hours and be charming and funny, or I can have nothing to say and be insanely shy. Thus, I inspire more "so..." situations than the average person, but I think everyone has to deal with it.

I think if there is one thing I could improve on (although there are of course many things I wish I could improve on) it would probably be to become a more consistent person. I'm essentially the Richie Sexson of social situations. Sure I hit .205 and have 90 hits in a season, but you know that probably a third of my htis are going to be home runs!

Back to the original point - pay attention in one on one situations. Is this just something I inspire, or is "so..." an epidemic? I'd like to think it is the latter, but you never know with people. It's like Jimmy Morrison says...people are strange. He definitely hit the nail on the head with that one.


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