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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Myself attempting to look like a British indie rocker

Hello there! If you're on this section of my blog, you must be trying to find out a little bit more about who creates these absurd rants and incessant lists and reviews. Well, that's me.

My name is David Harper and I'm a 26 year old from Anchorage, Alaska. I work in Marketing, am a Capricorn and frequently enjoy long walks along coastal trails (given the lack of beaches in Alaska, this is what I have to offer). I pride myself on my verbosity, as why would I want to convey something in three words when I could use three hundred. I love writing, it's my hobby and my love and I really hope you enjoy everything you read on here. If you do not, make sure to click on contact above and use any of those avenues to reach me and share your (constructive) criticism with me, or if you just feel like being complimentary I enjoy that as well.

If not, just read, enjoy, and please tell your friends. I crave readers and comments like I crave avocado melts - which is a whole lot of craving.