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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The first Boondock Saints was a very entertaining romp, filled with occasionally comically overstylized scenes, an epic amount of over-the-top Willem Dafoe acting, but also some excellent action and really entertaining lines. Plus, writer/director Troy Duffy really showed slick presentation skills within this film, enough to mask some of the bigger deficiencies of the film until far later viewings. There was a period in my life when I honestly considered it to be one of my favorite movies, but that time has long come and gone.

Regardless, it is still very watchable. However, they just announced the release date of the sequel Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day and rolled out the trailer to the world and I am completely unsurprised when I say that it looks truly terrible. After the trailer, I can tell you that I'm going to skip seeing it in theaters so I can wait one month until it's on DVD (how this isn't straight to DVD I have no idea) and then watch it at one of our famed bad movie nights. Once there, we will assuredly rip it to shreds as we watch the ridiculous action, cheesy acting, and insane set pieces, laughing hysterically throughout. It appears to be the first movie if they made everything a good amount worse. Fannntastic. Perhaps I'll save this gem for our next bad movie night and pair it up with the Room and Turkish Star Wars and try to have the single greatest bad movie night of all time.

Three cheers for ill-advised sequels! If only Hollywood had greenlit a Serenity sequel instead of this walking disaster. At least in this we get to see Clifton Collins, Jr. doing what he does best - acting like he's going to murder something at any moment. Really, there is no one that does it better.


Bobbie said...

Aww, I really like Boondock Saints. I am sure I will see All Saints Day at some point, whenever I get through my huge Netflix list.

How could there ever be a Serenity sequel without Wash and Shepherd Book?

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