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Ghostland Observatory: Dance Party Plus in AK

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alaska is kind of on fire with concerts right now, at least relative to our normal amount of fire. First we had the Hold Steady coming to visit Bear Tooth this past Thursday (more on that later), then next week we have Iron and Wine visiting, and now comes word of Ghostland Observatory coming up to visit on November 5th. While I may like the Hold Steady a bit more recorded than Ghostland, I have no doubt in my mind that Ghostland is going to put on one of the best shows around as everyone I know that has seen them raves about their live performances.

In fact, when we went to Sasquatch 2008 and saw the Flaming Lips UFO show to close out the festival, Ghostland was playing at the same time on another stage. Could not skip the Lips (obviously), but when we were getting onto the bus after the show was over to go back to our campsite, a woman told us that she saw Ghostland instead (she'd seen the Lips many a time before) and that Ghostland completely blew them away. This was immediately following a Lips show that blew my mind and immediately escalated into my "favorite live shows" discussion. Evidently there was an amazing laser light show and strippers involved, plus Ghostland's keyboardist wears a cape. A CAPE! How could that not be amazing?

Needless to say, I'm pumped about the show and really cannot wait to see them. It's going to be a dance party plus for sure (or a booty shaker as that woman at Sasquatch said it), and I can't wait to dust off my ol' dancin' shoes.


Anonymous said...

Strippers? WTF?!?! Don't plan on that, but Ghostland Observatory's show will not disappoint!

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