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Yes Month: Day 13

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cate also says "yes!" to September

Yes Month is in full swing and continues to be a most excellent month indeed. I have many things coming up that should be a grand time thanks to Yes Month, including attending my very first live musical (The Lion King this upcoming Saturday). That in itself is quite the feat given that I strongly dislike almost every musical I've ever seen (exceptions: Moulin Rouge!, Across the Universe) and seeing one live sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, albeit a self-inflicted variety. No less, I've been assured by outside sources that TLK is indeed quite magical and that I will love it, so there that is.

Of course, an update sharing that I'm being incredibly successful at this would not be entirely forthcoming as I did manage to say no to an invitation. Our new German friends went out for a drink Wednesday night, and due to a combination of a strong pull created by my new comics and a fearsome need to rest (saying yes all the time is two things: expensive and exhausting) I politely declined by saying "ich bin ein TIRED" in my text. It may not translate well, but I think it got the point across. Still, I had to be honest and share that there was a no within Yes Month. I can't promise that will be the last one, but I can say that unless I have a really good excuse it will not happen again.

Also, I want to comment on my current fixation on embarrassing my good friend Cate by posting ridiculous pictures of her on my blog to lead seemingly unrelated blog posts. Cate - it's not that I'm trying to embarrass you, it's that your awesomeness is so legendary that I feel like I'd be selfish if I held it back from the rest of the world. Be thankful that I selected the least ridiculous picture of the lot from Friday night, at the very least.


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