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Monday, September 28, 2009
There are three really quick topics and two updates I wanted to touch on, and while none of them are really post worthy, when you combine their power they are somewhat akin to a super post. Enjoy!

- After years of bragging about how I've never had to go to jury duty, inevitably has now caught up with me. Early November I will have to go in for jury duty summons, and knowing me it will be impossible for them to resist. I mean come on, who wouldn't want me on a jury? Fair, honorable, passionate about justice, and with a deep set desire to find the truth in situations, I'm pretty much the ideal jury candidate. Well, besides the fact I fall asleep within 15 minutes of sitting in one place and doing nothing? I'm going to need to get a Big Gulp filled with a Caramel Americano to survive this.

Here's hoping my case is eerily similar to the one from the Pauly Short classic film Jury Duty, minus the serial killer and lengthy case parts and plus the Tia Carrere (circa 1995) part.

- Somehow I've gotten to the point where over 20,000 visitors have came to my blog. I don't know who I feel worse for: myself for writing that much nonsense or you all for suffering through it. Can't wait for the next 20,000, especially considering I'm getting more visitors than ever. Thanks for stopping by!

- My comic blog has now hit the big time. After numerous quotes from comic publishers, high profile interviews, and tons of content, we officially decided to purchase our own web space: Multiversity Comics is now at http://www.multiversitycomics.com. Awesome! Congrats to Matt and Gil, my compatriots who have done a masterful job starting it up, and I appreciate them letting me tag along for the ride.

- Yes Month update: This month has completely ruled, and by my count I've still only really said no once (to the Germans about going to Firetap late on a work night). Been busy as hell and I've had an amazing time so far. Thanks Yes Month!

- Starting this Wednesday, I will start counting down my top 50 albums of the 2000's. Wednesday will be 50-41, Thursday will be 40 through 31, and so on and so forth, with my top ten falling on Sunday. Expect shocking revelations and surprising choices all over the place.


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