A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, September 27, 2009
This weekend was a bittersweet one, as it was a lot of fun but at the same time it represented the last weekend myself and my friends were going to be able to spend with our wonderful friend Amy Steele. She's being a jerk and is moving, but alas, at least it gave us a good excuse to have a party. What went down this weekend?
  • Iron & Wine at the Wendy Williamson with my mom and sister
  • Koots with Cate, Eric, Joanne, Lorna, Jason, Becca and Team Germany
  • (500) Days of Summer with Amy
  • Amy's going away dinner at Simon and Seafort's
  • Hijinks and tomfoolery at Point Woronzof
  • Party down at my place with everyone
  • Peanut Farm for football Sunday with Jason and Joanne (go Pats!)
  • Relaxing all day after that (very necessary)

Us shrouded by the sunset

Our Saturday evening was quite magical, with a large posse of us Alaskans going from a very nice dinner at Simon and Seafort's, going on a road trip to Point Woronzof to watch the sunset, and then going back to my place for Rock Band, beer pong, and loads of ridiculousness. It was a great time, one in which we figured out what exactly I was going to be for Halloween (very exciting), we made Amy sad and happy simultaneously (my going away present was quite well received), and we had a ton of fun while doing it. All in all the party was a great success, and I will stop using words and share pictures instead. See them below.

Cate, Darren, Amy, Eric and I harassing Joanne at the end of the night

Ladies rocking the house

I'm pointing everyone to the future...of America

Three person piggy back!


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