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All Good Things Come to an End

Monday, September 21, 2009

In Her Space Holiday's track "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend", Marc Bianchi sings about how his sister used to say how hardships always seem to come in two's. Cool lyric, but I never really noticed that trend. Until today.

Last night, Amy Steele, one of my best friends, told me that she was not only moving (knew that was coming) but that it would be in like a week and a half. I was shocked. Obviously I knew it was coming, but a week and a half is not much time to mentally prepare myself. I went to bed a sad version of myself, to wake up to a frosty morning with cold precipitation, reports of snow coming this evening on Twitter, and termination dust invading our mountain views. It's as if the mere announcement of Amy's departure triggered Alaska to say "hey! it's winter time!" Fannnntastic. I do have to say that this summer has been amazing and I'm thankful that it has been as great as it has been, but still, I'd prefer winter to just stay away.

While I hate winter deeply (it's a mutual thing), Amy moving is far worse. I'm very upset with Alaska right now, and all its stupid stupidness (I write poorly whilst upset).


Rebekah Clausing said...

Wait, what?!? Where is Amy moving to??

David Harper said...

She's moving to parts unknown, starting with the Pacific Northwest (I keep it to a region because she doesn't even know) and then likely ending in New York. Basically, she's leaving but doesn't really know where she's going to end up.

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