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"The Muse" Rocks Italy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

In modern day music, many artists put on live performances on television shows that are not exactly "live." Quite often the network putting it on will require them to perform to a track to ensure the quality of the performance, and if I was a betting man I'd say that most of these artists don't mind having to do that. I mean come on, performing live is stressful. It's a lot easier to just fake it.

Evidently, Muse is not one of those bands (another reason as to why they are one of the coolest bands around). Recently they appeared on an Italian talk show in which the show told them to perform to a track and the show incessantly referred to them as "the Muse." So, as a bit of revenge the band gave their performance with each band member playing a different instrument than usual, most notably lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist playing the drums like he was an old windup drumming monkey. It's pretty fantastic, especially considering you can tell that no one at the "performance" could tell any difference between that and what Muse should have been like. Go Italia!


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