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Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye sporting the dumbest sunglasses of all time

Evidently Kanye made an ass out of himself last night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Why is anyone surprised about things like this anymore? Kanye doing something controversial is something I expect on a day to day basis, sort of like getting an Americano or sleeping. To act as if this is anything but that is to enable him. Don't get me wrong, I really dig the guy's music, but he's an overgrown adolescent (and that is coming from someone who ate dinner last night on a Harry Potter plate and reads comics) and deserves to be ignored like the petulant child he is.

Of course, given that this happened at the MTV Video Music Awards (an event which seems as relevant today as the Oscar's celebrating the best in silent film) I fail to see why anyone cared at all. Then again, why am I surprised by that when celebrity hijinks are only rivaled in news coverage by Health Care and H1N1 paranoia these days. Nothing should surprise me at this point.


Erik said...

You realize that by blogging about him you are in fact perpetuating the very thing he is trying to accomplish?

Boo to blog posts like this! Boo! I despise celebrity news.

Patty said...

He's a racist and an idiot!

David Harper said...

I know, I just like making fun of Kanye whenever I get the opportunity. I will make fun of your hippie nature instead.

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