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Shamefest 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Once upon a time, I was quite the hefty fellow. Most of you know that, but for those that don't I was around 272 pounds in May of 2006. Between then and December I managed to go from the aforementioned rotund version of myself to a newly svelte and sharp looking 185 pounds, with arms made of things I was later told were "muscles" (weird word to try and pronounce...muss-culls? moo-sklays?) and the ability to walk up stairs without contemplating suicide. It was delightful.

Yet over the nearly three years since, I've managed to keep the weight mostly off...until now. I've been inching more and more upwards (mostly due to my affinity towards delicious foods and and beer) by the month, and now I've grown to an altogether unsatisfactory weight of 217 pounds. Not cool if you ask me. So what am I going to do now...fight the weight off again or just keep on going until I'm the David from May 2006 again?

I'm going to fight, suckers!

Thankfully, I have a wonderful compatriot in this campaign in Joanne. Joanne and I created Shamefest 2009 (it was titled that because whoever fails will be shamed relentlessly for their inability to achieve their goals), in which we establish a weight, cardio and strength goal to reach by Christmas and then completely and utterly dominate it. Also joining us will be Lorna and Cate, who heard of our desires to become vastly slimmed down version of ourselves and decided they wanted to join.

It's going to be a rocking few months, as my goals are pretty good ones. Essentially, I want to get back to where I was - back down to 200 pounds, back to 3 miles in 20 minutes, back to being able to bench 185 pounds. I'm excited about being reenergized and about really accomplishing something. Now I just have to be able to do that. I've done it once though, so I can assuredly do it again.


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