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Mike Blowers = Nostradamus?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

While I watch the Mariners as often as I think of it (which is quite rarely I must admit), I still really love the team and I really appreciate their broadcast team. Especially when Dave Niehaus and Mike Blowers are involved, as Niehaus is one of the all time best play-by-play guys and Blowers does a great job on color commentary.

However, they recently took it up a notch. Actually, they took it up many notches, as what happened before the game in their "Picks to Click" section (Blowers and his incredibly specific prediction) and then what happens during the actual game (Niehaus and his amazing play call and Blowers' hysterical laughter in the back ground is the best) demands to be heard. If you're even sort of a baseball fan, you have to listen to this. It's fantastic. Click the link below.

Best. Call. Ever.


Erik said...

That is awesome.

Troy Olson said...

Hilarious. I listened to the game while I was in the car tonight and it sounds like Blowers is getting calls from all around the country because of this.

And yes, Niehaus is the man (even if the for the last few years he does sound like he drank a bottle of scotch before the game)

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