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Biz Bee: The Sequel

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Myself nailing a word

I pride myself on my ability to spell. It's kind of uncanny how good I am at spelling, and you could argue that perhaps my mutant power is the ability to spell anything correctly. Quite the gift. Of course, I used those powers for good last year in a charity event in which I represented my company in a spelling bee against other Alaskan businesses, titled "the Biz Bee." We came in 8th last year, so I can only assume someone had a power dampener there, negating my powers (I still spelled all of my words correctly).

Power dampener or not, it was so much fun last year that I'm back for round 2, with my faithful compadre Sharee joining my side once again, along with new teammate Sara. I'm really looking forward to completely dominating Alaskan businesses, as this year we won't let silly words like commisar (err...commissar) bring us down. You're ours Biz Bee!


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