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Well done Commissar, well done

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team GCI - myself, Sharee and David

Friday night was the event of events, the Biz Bee. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Biz Bee is a spelling bee for Alaskan businesses and my coworker Sharee recruited myself and my boss David for the event, as well as secured our donation to the Alaskan Literacy Program that allowed us to participate. With a highly competitive field featuring our most hated rival (ACS) and twelve other companies, I felt like our chances for victory were very high. At the very least, I thought it would be a great time.

Correctly spelling poltergeist in round 4

Sadly though, only the latter was true, as we lost in the fifth round on the word "commissar." Both David and I insisted to Sharee (our speaker at the time) that it was "commisar." Of course, now seeing it in print I think "wow, what a freaking idiot I am." We were devestated, especially after listening to word after word that we knew, including many crowd pleasers in difficulty as "witloof" (pronounced wit-lohf), "zeitgeber" (pronounce tsahyt-gey-ber) and others came up in later rounds.

The worst part of the deal is that they forced us to stay the whole time, and the event as a whole lasted twenty three rounds, a seemingly interminable amount of time that sucked my will to live out of my body. Also terrible? ACS being in contention, making it all the way into the final two until BP mercifully took them out to take the victory. Thank god for that, as we would have never heard the end of it the following week at work.

Sharee and I in the midst of the Biz Bee

It definitely was a blast though, as Sharee, David and I made ridiculous joke after ridiculous joke, had some tasty free food for dinner, got to see some old Boscos buddies, and had a great time afterwards hanging out with David, Moe, and Sharee at McGinley's and then Sub Zero. As we drove back from Sub Zero, bumping T.I. and discussing how it sounds like he is talking about Joe Biden in the song while dancing, I couldn't get past it.



I guess at least we weren't the first team out, and at the very least, there is always next year.


Sharee said...

Damn you Commissar, I hate you!!....TCHOTCHKE, I can respect...and even SCHADENFREUDE...but Commissar??!!

You just think your so damn special with your fancy double SS's.

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