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Slices of Fried Gold - 10/14/08

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another week, another set of recommendations from me. This week I have two things I'm massively late on and another something that I'm sure anyone who reads this regularly is likely absolutely sick of hearing. No less, here are my recs for the week.

Music: Ratatat

Anything and everything Ratatat. Almost entirely instrumental, pretty much entirely fantastic as well. If you're the type who doesn't enjoy beat oriented electronic music, this isn't likely for you. Looking for deep lyrics? You don't get any lyrics here.

However, if you're looking for wondrously layered soundscapes, amalgamations of many electronic sounds, and actual panther roars in your music...well, have I got some music for you to listen to.

They drop some fat (phat?) beats here, and whether you want to listen to 2008 release LP3, 2006 release Classics, or 2004's self titled affair, you're going to get some damn fine music. Also, yes, I am rather late to this party. But it's cool, I'm making up for lost time quickly.

Books: Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is my favorite comic writer. Well, to be fair, it's probably a tie between him and Brian K. Vaughan. Both dabble in extracurricular activities however, with BKV being a top writer for Lost and Ellis working the occasional prose based novel as well.

This is Ellis' first release, and I'm only a little ways in but I love it all the same. It captures the high concept plots he always brings to the table, the vulgarity of Transmetropolitan, and the new wave, sci-fi anglings on political situations that he so often injects into his writings.

In short, this novel is about an extremely down on his luck private eye, hired by the government to essentially restart America by finding the second, secret Constitution that's been lost somewhere in the underworld. Pretty bizarre, but so far? Hilarious, and extremely well written. Like I'd expect from Ellis, any day of the week.

TV: How I Met Your Mother season 4

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I kind of like this show. So far, the season has been as good as ever, somehow making hysterical episodes out of the following concepts: hatred of New Jersey, picking up women in an old man costume, Regis Philbin, the world's greatest burger, interventions, Canadian alter egos that only come out when plastered, renaissance faires, not seeing Star Wars, and taking orders from bears.

This show can make a joke out of anything. It's proven it this season, plus it maintains its ability to be touching without laying on the sap too thick. That's a hard line to walk, but they walk it well.

Plus, Barney Stinson maintains his position as the single funniest character on television. You were robbed of an Emmy NPH. Jeremy Piven cannot hold a candle to you.


Erik said...

I really like LP3. We've been rocking out to that album at work. It really reminds battles only a bit more to one side. The first track totally sounds like it should be in a movie, I'm seeing like a Sci-Fi.

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