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Friday, October 3, 2008

While waiting for Kim as she rode the bus to the Loussac Library in Anchorage, I went in myself to go find a couple of books (the Road and City of Ember, shockingly because they both are being turned in to movies). Due to my stupidity and inability to understand what the computer monitor said, I ended up in the entirely wrong section of the library. Apparently it's been quite some time since I'd been there.

However, this is a great example of happy accidents. While I was wandering aimlessly wondering where exactly Fiction Level 2 was (right where I typed it into the computer) I found their glorious section of graphic novels and trade paperbacks. Comics! Beautiful comics, all over the library! Who knew this? All kinds of favorites were there, from Fables to Planetary to Hellboy, plus series that I've never read before but always wanted to like Astro City and Sandman.

It was awesome. I excitedly grabbed a large stack of them and went off to check them out, until they announced I can only get 3 because I didn't give them back the postcard they mailed me. Oops! No less, I'm stoked. I'm going to start living at the library now! Good work Anchorage Library system!


Patty said...

Well, did you get the other books?
City of Ember, October 10th.

Bobbie said...

I love the library, it is my friend. I have so many books on hold it isn't even funny. I am glad the library suprised you!

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