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Goodbye Kim! (Kim moves to Portland Weekend Edition)

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Crewnit - together again for the last time (for a while)

Well this weekend was a fantastic one, with lots of great times to be had, but really it was Kim's weekend. Quick synopsis on what happened, and then on with the fun.

  • Quick tour of First Friday
  • Dinner at Crush with Amy, Jason, and Hannah
  • Watching How I Met Your Mother with Jason, Amy, Hannah, and Kim
  • Getting freaking obsessed with the Road
  • Denny's with Kim in a leaf costume
  • Kobefest 2008 (aka Kim's goodbye party)
  • Snow City with Hannah and Kim
  • Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist with Hannah and Kim
  • Goodbye dinner with Kim, Hannah, Lorna, and Colver

Very busy weekend, and a super crazy one. Clearly the highlight was all of the fun we planned for Kim, capped by a party at the Captain Cook Hotel followed by going out that night. We had a ton of people over that night to celebrate Kim's time in Alaska and what she means to us as one of the primary Crewnit members, and it was an absolute blast (although not good for my head in a number of ways - aka hangover + racking my head against the ceiling while bouncing on bed + unknown eye injury = ouch).

Kim's goodbye cake - thanks Lorna!

The suite that we got for the party was absolutely, ridiculously awesome. It was on the 12th floor in one of the biggest hotels in downtown Anchorage, had a gorgeous view of the inlet and downtown, great access to everywhere we'd want to go, and ample space for everyone to have a great time. I mean come on, it was bigger than most of our apartments. I'm fairly certain I want to live there. Plus, we had (through various charitable donations) a tidy sum of alcohol for the party - most of which was consumed that night due to the voraciousness of us youngsters (and partially because of our family members who came by to say goodbye as well).

Terry, my mom, my sister, and my dad at the party

It was definitely a night I'll remember forever (most of it at least), as we had a ton of fun - whether it was just Kim, Hannah, and I, the full Crewnit, or the whole party, it was a blast and a half. There were dance parties, there were drinking games, there was storytelling, there was bartending, there was a group of us nearly getting in a brouhaha with a local foosball tough, there were makeshift beds, there were bath robes, there were sneaky hookers, and then there was Kim.

Jason, Kim, and Lorna (with Hannah buried)

The whole night was to celebrate Kim, and we did. Kim is an integral part of our group and one of the best friends we all have. Of course, we had her for two years here in Alaska which is a full year longer than we originally expected, so it was only fair of us to share her with our good friends in Portland. However Kim, please remember that you are not only always welcome here, but encouraged to return.

Like now. Seriously. You may have dominated my apartment for 6 days and turned me into some sort of QVC watching, handbag dealing, reborn aware person with a significantly more dirty apartment (and far less healthy dracaena) than before but you were a great roommate and are an even better friend. Already counting the days until next summer when you're back for Brian's wedding, and good luck in Portland. Of course you won't need it, but it's there if you do.

Hannah, me, and Kim behind our glorious bar


Bobbie said...

I had fun! I hope Kim had a safe journey to her new home.

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