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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Over the next week or so I'm going to be rather busy. I'm going to try and post as much as possible - mostly because in lieu of recreational drugs I blog - but if I can't, my bad! I have big plans coming up and a roommate for the next few days with Kim staying with me before she moves. No less, it should be a great time. I have all kinds of events, from my first foray with the How I Met Your Mother drinking game, to Kobefest 2008, to three straight nights of ridiculously delicious dinner with HBO (Bear Tooth, Sullivan's Steakhouse, and Club Paris? Don't mind if I do!).

I'm extremely excited. So excited, I made a flyer for Kobefest in 15 minutes that sucks terribly, but it gets the point across. I predict it will be the single greatest night.


Also, check out the rules for the HIMYM drinking game. If you've seen the show, you will understand the awesomeness.

One Drink
* Anyone says "Awesome!"
* Robin says "literally"
* Barney says "legendary"
* Barney uses a pickup line
* Barney says "Suit up"
* Lily talks about or is around her kindergarteners

Two Drinks
* Anyone says "Have you met..." (Ted, Barney, Me, etc.)
* Barney does magic
* Barney makes someone do a high five
* Barney says "Ha, please."
* Barney says "daddy's home"
* Marshall says "Lawyered!"
* Ted does a voiceover
* There is a flashback
* Any mention of the Fierro

Three Drinks
* Barney says "Legen---wait for it---dary"
* Barney says "What up?"
* Barney mentions his blog
* Marshall sings about what he's doing
* Ted corrects somebody
* Robin mentions something Canadian
* Barney calls himself Ted's best friend
* Any time a cab/limo driver is called by name

Finish Your Drink
* Ted says "How I Met Your Mother"
* Barney rips on Canada
* Any mention of a slap bet
* Telepathic Conversation
* Ted makes a Star Wars reference


Amy said...

Kobefest? I don't get it. Not Koctoberfest?

Bobbie said...

That sounds like the best drinking game, ever!

Lorna said...

I didn't realize we had a flyer. This is pretty huge. So huge that it probably necessitates the purchase of a new outfit!

Kim said...

wow, where did you get that picture?! you must have photochopped that together. it was a great night, thank you very much

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