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Sarah and Todd Palin lookalike contest

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All of the Sarah's and Todd's near the stage (with Amy back and to the right)

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Tonight Amy and I attended a very special event. Since Sarah Palin was nominated as the GOP's VP candidate, Alaska has went a little Palin crazy. The fervor over the vice presidential candidate is clearly up about three hundred ticks above what everyone else is at, but I guess that should not be surprised given her origins. No less, one other thing that has been going on since the nomination is Blues Central running a Sarah and Todd Palin lookalike contest. Tonight were the finals of that contest.

Sarah and the Pitbulls

Of course, little did we know we'd be walking into an absolutely insane set up. As we drove into the parking lot, we agreed that Blues Central had never looked more packed. BB King had played there once, and I made the comment that I bet it was less packed that night. Sure enough, it was filled to the brim with all kinds of characters. You had tons of Palin lookalikes (including a cougar version who was parading around with her far younger partner - controversial!). You had your Todd's. You had the German woman next to me who was petting my butt as Amy and I leaned against the bar (I wish I was kidding). You had your waitresses wearing baby sized sweaters when they were clearly not baby sized (I'm so glad I'm not kidding).

So yeah, it was an eclectic night.

The first couple (perhaps?) dancing

Given that it was an event, it of course didn't start right off like you'd imagine it. As we got a drink, we found out that there was at least forty five minutes 'til the start. That's fine, we came here to hang out and talk as well, and we knew that it wasn't starting until nine. Then we found out nine was when the band was going to come on. That band? Sarah and the Pitbulls, a band who was created for the event and comprised of local musicians featuring a lead singer who looks similar to Palin (except is much hotter - much). Besides that? Fifty percent of their songs were Pink covers. Take that how you will. I'll take that as they weren't exactly my thing.


They played four quick songs, and then we were introduced to the participants. There were obviously varying degrees of quality, from uncanny resemblances to "are you kidding me?" levels of far off. Then the Todd's went up for their quick interviews and strolling sessions, to which the clearly bipartisan audience (a mix of incredibly democrat and incredibly republican was the deal for the night) either loved or hated. None of them were great, but all of them were ridiculous. My choice for the victor (the only one who looked like him in my book) pretty much bombed on the Q&A session, drawing the sound of crickets only from the audience.

The band started back up, and even though we both desired to see the finale (though it was already getting late), we just couldn't stand anymore of Sarah and the Pitbulls. Even if the lead singer did "dance like a stripper" as Amy said (I of course nodded in agreement as I ogled her like a 13 year old boy), we just couldn't take any more of the grating rendition of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train." We paid our tab and began to depart.

A secret service agent and I - serious faced

Predictably (as I'm sure Amy could attest to), I have to bring up the "on the way to the door" highlight. As we were leaving, we had to walk by this man and woman dressed as Palin's Secret Service agents, and the woman was quite attractive if I do say so myself. Of course, given that she was "Secret Service" I had to try and make her laugh (they have to keep their faces straight I assume - somewhat akin to the guards outside Buckingham Palace). I did, and of course told her that she fails at Secret Service. She laughed, and we took a serious picture (see above).

We're marrying in the summer.

I kid of course, but it was a nice finale to the evening, even with Sarah screeching "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train!" in the background. I floated out of there as Amy shook her head in disbelief at my predictability.

Another fine night out in Anchorage if I do say so myself.


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