A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, October 12, 2008
This weekend really felt like the first one that winter really hit on. It snowed all three days and I immediately turned into quite the homebody. Not that I care, because it was freaking glorious.
  • Signed up for my very own Alaska Club membership!
  • Went out with Amy to the Buckaroo Club and all over downtown (ridiculous as per usual, but Amy stomped the crap out of me in the rubber round of darts, many bizarre conversations were had, and we saw a fist fight - not bad for a Friday night!)
  • Sleeping in like crazy
  • Checking out my company's live remote at our conversion center
  • Mmmm....Middle Way
  • Watching the Pats for the first time this season...and seeing them get killed
  • Reading. A lot. An unbelievable amount really.

So yeah, like I said, it snowed so I bunkered down. I essentially lived in two places this weekend - my apartment and Kaladi Brothers over by Title Wave. I poured through every piece of writing I had. I read through the remainder of my comics for the week (had no less than 12 to read at the beginning of the weekend). I caught up in 100 Bullets (which means I read, starting with book 7, fifty-three total issues of the comic - with 4 issues remaining in the entire series I'm now entirely caught up). I read through B.P.R.D. - War on Frogs. I read City of Ember by Jeanne DePrau (just in time to be one of the 14 people in the country who see it - massive bomb of a movie).

I read so much this weekend that if I was still tracking all the books I read this year, there is a fairly good chance that I may be nearing my goal of 52 for the year off this weekend alone. It was fun and fundamental, and while it's not the best thing to do every weekend (although this weekend definitely captured the balance of social and anti-social that I yearn for in my existence) I was glad to do it. I feel like I'll be energized for a week of fast moving business at my job, which is something I haven't felt like in a while.


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