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The square peg meets the round hole

Thursday, May 31, 2007
I have only one rule to my blog, and that is at least every other day I must create a new post. This is a pretty easy to follow rule, as so far the only thing that has been hard to follow is the small print rule of "must not exceed three blogs in a day." I very much enjoy posting and find it hard not to continue doing it. However, with my opportunity for a fantastic blog passing by yesterday (The greatness of Trivia Night and Frisbee Golf), I headed into this evening with an issue. There was nothing on the agenda this evening that could be considered blogworthy, as I was going to take it easy before the weekend due to the pain caused by my "Devil tooth." Quick aside, the "Devil tooth" is a tooth (naturally) that has been causing me great pain lately, and it was discovered today with the help of a dentist/extortionist that I would need a root canal and crown on that bad boy. Like I said..."Devil tooth." No less, taking it easy is in no way conducive towards an interesting and exciting post. Until an epiphany hit. My aha moment struck at last. This square peg fitting into a round hole issue was not an issue at all. I love doing nothing! So in the vein of an episode of Seinfeld, this is my blog about nothing.

As I sat at my desk reading and listening to some Sufjan Stevens (when having an epiphany, "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts" by Sufjan must ALWAYS be listened to...this is a rule passed on for centuries, look it up on Wikipedia...everyone knows that site never lies), I realized that there is nothing I like to do more than nothing. See, there are two kinds of people in the world. The people who always have to do something just because they have to do something, and the people who sometimes just like to kick back and relax. I definitely fit firmly in the latter category. As my friend Colver once said, "I've never known anyone to enjoy putting their feet up on a desk more than you in my entire life." That is an absolutely true statement. I love sitting at my desk, feet propped up and just listening to music and reading. I find it hard to think of anything that could better fill me with absolute contentedness. Everyone has their own personal chi focuser. My buddy Sam plays Frisbee Golf. Cats lick themselves. Some people play World of Warcraft to feel right with themselves. Me? I do nothing. And it is everything I imagined it could be.

Previously in my history, I would do things for the explicit purpose of removing the guilt of feeling like I should do something. These days, that guilt is gone. I receive calls from people saying "hey, what are you doing?" I reply with a simple "nothing, eating some Ice Cream." "Oh yeah? Want to hang out, go get a drink?" "Nah, I'm good." I'm not sure if you would call this personal growth, but it is something. It is something beneficial to who I am as a person, and I am very pleased with that change. It isn't that there is anything inherently great about doing nothing and being content with that. It's that I've grown comfortable enough with who I am to really do what I want and not really care about how lame or boring someone else may find that. Now that...I find very exciting.

It is very ironical that I am making this post even, especially because it is the aforementioned evening of nothing. But it felt like a very necessary post, not just because it is a self established requirement, but because I felt as if this was something that needed to be shared about myself. Hope it was as great to read as it was to write, but I have to go now. Nothing calls.


Bobbie said...

You see! This post alone is the one reason that I cannot get going on my own blog. I am totally intimidated! There is no way in the world that I can even begin to write as well as you, David. I know that is NOT the point of a blog - but what can I say? So, my little newly invented blog still sits... waiting.
You "Square peg" post is brilliant if I must say so. It fits you to a "T"

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