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Friday, November 30, 2007
I've been working my butt off lately. Not actually working. Not running or exercising or anything. I've been working on a Christmas present that I came up with that my Mom and I should do for each other.

See we are both music nerds, so what we are doing is compiling a top 20 albums of 2007 CD for each other. Here is the concept and the rules below.
  • CD's must be from 2007 (duh)
  • List is to be top 20 CD's from 2007, not songs
  • Take favorite song from each CD
  • Must work within constraints of one CD
  • Work backwards, meaning song #1 is your 20th favorite, song #20 is favorite (kind of gives the CD a countdown show spice!)

While working at work I listen to new CD's and recommended CD's. While at the gym and driving I get more familiar with said albums by listening to them in a more isolated situation. Additionally, I listen at my computer to continue the wide range of set ups. Some albums play better in cars and in other situations, so I give them a fair shake from every direction.

It's very much fun, but because of the fair shake I'd like to give everything, I'm asking for any recommendations anyone has. That is if I have not asked you already. Anything! Every year I miss like 10 CD's that I really wish I checked out, and I'm trying to cut it down this year. So recommend people!


Matt Dimassi said...

Flight of the Conchords.

Patty said...

The battle of the list ensues. Hopefully I will make you proud.

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