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This is getting sad...

Sunday, December 9, 2007
I can hardly believe this. My posts have grown so infrequent, that I am actually posting today to announce that I will making two other posts today (or I will try to...let's see how I feel after the Pats/Steelers game). First up, as you may know I keep falling behind on my blog, and I hate skipping things so I am going to say screw it once and for all. I am going to make another "previously on..." post later on to cover everything I've missed in the last while. And there is a lot to cover.

Later on after that, I will make another post actually getting to something new perhaps. Who knows? All I know is I would like to get on another regular rotation of posting, because I miss my dear old blog and definitely want to get back to that.

For now, here are some fun things that I've read about recently.
  • Facebook apparently may sell for as much as $15 billion dollars. Apparently Pirates vs. Ninja's and stalking people through the News Feed has a significant amount of value.
  • Child survives Moose attack by employing tactics learned from World of Warcraft. No mention of XP or fatty loots brought from victory.
  • Group of 40 Star Wars enthusiasts build an actual, functioning X-Wing fighter. No jokes here, just shocked by the coolness of this.
  • Sitting in Kaladi Brother's writing this. Currently playing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! May not finish blog because overwhelming desire to rip ears off may overtake me.

As you can tell, I've apparently reading Wired magazine a lot. Coolest. Magazine. Ever.


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