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Christmas is coming early this year!

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Lots of cool things today that I am quite excited about, so blog friends, I shall let you know what is up with me.

First off, I want to address my first actual Christmas present. This one is the gift I received from my friends at Showtime, Allison Weilbacher and John Stillson.

Benefits of the job!

I've developed a very good rapport with the Showtime reps who visit us, so in kind John and Allison responded with giving me Weeds season 3, Dexter season 2 (finale is this Sunday and I already have it on DVD...suckers!), and Californication season 1 on DVD. Very excited about the gift and I am truly thankful I've met such cool people through my work in just my first year. Thanks Showtime!

Second off, I have to get into the thick of the rumor mill and spread more unabashed gossip. With the movie Juno in full buzz mode and actors extraordinaire Jason Bateman and Michael Cera both making the rounds for it, of course Arrested Development discussion would take place. Apparently from the way those two and creator Mitchell Hurwitz have been talking, the idea of an AD movie is growing and growing. Let me just say this: I think this is the best idea ever. When it was cancelled, it was an extremely sad day, but they can a long ways towards making up for it by making this movie. Who wouldn't love to see the Bluth family again? Plus, imagine the boatloads of A-list cameos they could pull in? This would be an amazing Christmas present.

Moving on from there, my other extremely exciting news. Apparently a writer from Newsweek came across my blog and very much enjoyed what I had to say about w00t and its ascension from generic gamer term to word of the year status, and I may speak with her further about it for a piece. Not saying you will see my face in a Newsweek article or anything, but the absolute coolness of the fact that a writer from such an esteemed newsmagazine could have liked anything I wrote had to be shared. Also, I must admit, I hope I say something remotely cool while talking with her, because being in a Newsweek article would be a heck of a step up over being quoted on the front page of the Lewiston Morning Tribune. Update: I was too slow in response, she finished the piece before I even got a chance to comment. My 15 minutes of fame ended before I even got a chance to take advantage of them! The fickle nature of celebrity...

As an absolute spelling nazi, I have additional fun news to share about an event tomorrow: I get to judge a Spelling Bee! How amazing is that? I keep joking that I will have my revenge for the travesty that was the Hanshew Spelling Bee in 8th grade, but that could not be further from the truth. I've met a lot of the kids from Lake Hood Elementary, and I predict it to be a blast tomorrow. I will take pictures, and it has the added benefit of getting me out of my weekly Friday meeting! Now that is the type of gift that keeps on giving.

It's going to be a great Christmas season...I can feel it.

One quick link add on...as a cubicle warrior myself, I understand the Cube woes and how it gets tough to live in the drab confines of the makeshift office. Wired magazine has a great example of how you can change that to work for you. Very cool stuff.


Raechelle said...

so sad, no newsweek. sorry, buddy. maybe next time she'll want to write about you galabanting around in the AK.

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