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Sunday, December 9, 2007
So instead of blogging about things that I did not blog about yet I always wanted to (great sentence huh?), I decided I'm just going to say screw it and start where I'm at. No point in catching up on things that happened long ago (Beirut night, Porn Dinner) or major events (Thanksgiving, Alaska Club Christmas party) just because I missed out on writing about them. I'll give you the Cliff's Notes about what I haven't written about lately.
  • I've had a lot of fun in experiences
  • There has been enough of these experiences that I have not had time to write at all
  • My laziness is currently overpowering my desire to write about said experiences

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the old adage states.

So instead of writing about the past month or so, I will keep it condensed to this weekend. What did I do this weekend?

Friday Night

Friday night was very, very eventful. As it was a Golden Compass Friday, I of course got off work slightly early and immediately went and saw the Golden Compass, a movie based off my favorite book series, and it was...mostly decent. It was disappointing in the fact that they changed things around a lot and rushed through pretty much everything, but I think overall they did a solid enough job capturing the spirit of the books.

Additionally, they did an absolutely incredible job casting. Dakota Blue Richards was perfect as Lyra, and she was the key component to making the movie work. If I had a far lesser actress and a more accurate storyline, I think I would have ended up more upset. Bottom line, Chris Weitz made an inferior film in deference to the damnable Catholic Church. Thanks a lot Chris!

Also, to the far more literal bottom line, it only made $26.2 million. Sure, that seems like a lot, but for a movie that cost somewhere north of $180 million dollars, it better have the longest legs ever or we are never going to see cinematic renditions of the Subtle Knife or the Amber Spyglass, which of course would be quite the shame.

Alright, enough about that. Afterwards, I went home and made a delicious Chicken Pita, absolutely loaded with grilled chicken, feta, hummus, avocado, tomatoes, and grilled onions. It was top notch, and the perfect ingredients to a couple of hours of unabashed rock godliness. My band Hey Hermano had their first full band practice, however we had Jason sub in for Brian, as he had other engagements to take care of. What did this mean for the band? It meant I had to transition into drumming from my usual of guitar and...I rocked! After a semi-shaky beginning, I started to pick it up big time, and we rocked for two straight hours of face melting goodness.

After that, myself, Nick, and Colver got together for the beginning of a Guys Night Out, which always seems a bit weirder than it is. Here is the long and the short of it. We partied hard. I danced a lot and acted a damn fool on the dance floor, on stage, around Platinum Jaxx, everywhere. It was a grand time, and a great end to the night. Well, truth be told, Denny's was a great end to the night, as nothing says "success!" about an evening than eating a Italian Chicken Melt at 3:45 am on a Friday night.


At the same time, nothing says "3:45 am Denny's run" more than waking up at 11:30 am the next day and feeling like I just got hit by a bus. Hooray partying!

With this day being shortened by the fact that I had to make sure I was home by 4:30 pm to start monitoring for the major pay-per-view event taking place Saturday evening (Mayweather vs. Hatton - boxing), it meant I had 5 hours to do whatever I possibly could in terms of usefulness to society, which I always try to do on hangover days so I don't feel so bad about wasting my day. So what did I do?

I went Christmas shopping.

Now any person from Anchorage knows that there is no place that is more useless during Christmas time than the Dimond Center. You can't get around. Can never find parking spots. Lines are epic, so you can never buy anything. Sure enough, what did I do?

I went to the Dimond Center.

I went down and met Amy, wielding a coffee for myself and her as we were both rather tired from the previous evenings events (mine alcohol related, her's illness related). What did I manage to get? A pair of shoes for myself of course! These shoes were not exactly like those (more orange) but vaguely similar to those other ones, and also far less expensive. Hooray sales!

After that, I bid Amy adieu and went home to catch the undercards to the fight, eat some delicious Mexico in Alaska salsa, and read Wired Magazine while waiting for the assembled Charbonneau's and Kim to come over to watch the fight. I invited Brian and his family (Mom, Dad, little Brother) over to watch the Mayweather/Hatton fight, and nothing about the evening disappointed.

We all had a grand time, partially because the fight absolutely rocked - both in terms of quality and in terms of pure spectacle (British fans = amazingly awesome) - and because the Charbonneau's brought over Moose's Tooth pizza and two growlers from Moose's Tooth as well. We all had a great time providing running commentary towards everything that happened on the screen, including some rather off color comments as made specifically by yours truly, Brian, and his Dad Terry. Great time!

Of course, afterwards we all took a run at Rock Band and it was super fun as well. Even better? Brian and I made a new goal. We are now going to try and beat a song playing all four instruments simultaneously between the two of us. We managed to get 31% through one song, so we know it's possible!

After that, Kim stayed and we watched Transformers, or rather, I fell asleep during the movie and she departed after I made my way to Slumberland. Sorry Kim!


Well, this day started far earlier. My internal alarm clock woke me up off the couch at exactly 8:37 am, as it knew it was time to check the early inactives for the day's football games. I was A-OK, as all of my potentially out players ended up playing (although I wish I played Anthony Gonzalez instead of Chris Henry...that would have been nice). Great day for Fantasy, as both my CBS teams look like they will win and I put up the most points in my points league. Booyah!

What else happened?

The Patriots beat the Steelers! After two straight mediocre performances and lots of anti-hype, my undefeated season dreams were still alive, but the fear of God (or rather, Willie Parker and the blitz happy Steelers D) was definitely there for the first time since the Colts game, or at least the first time actually going into the game. We moved to 13-0 after kicking the crap of the Steelers with our unstoppable passing attack and extremely timely defensive play.

Almost better than the win? The "guarantee" chant at the end of the game by the Pats fans, targeting second year Steeler secondary member Anthony Smith, who guaranteed a victory against the Pats. How do you like those apples Anthony? I'm guessing he's going to get a nice serving of the Steelers own humble pie this week.

So just three more games (including two gimmes against the Jets and Dolphins) before the Pats finish the season undefeated, or at least the regular season. I was thinking about getting a party together for the Pats game against the Giants, but my freakish aversion to jinxing my team (also known as unreasonable superstitions, of which I have many related to the Patriots) may keep the party small. Also known as, I will only invite people who have already seen me freak out during Pats games. But I may bake a cake saying "16-0" on it. After the game of course.

After that, I closed the weekend with a great workout, laundry, further catching up on my DVR (now I only have Oceans Thirteen, Journeyman, Dirty Sexy Money, and the 4400 to catch up on!), making an incredible batch of pasta, and catching the second to last episode of Dexter. Which is where I will end, because of my frustration.

Dexter has been unreal this season. Absolutely incredible season, and it has firmly entrenched itself as my third favorite show behind Battlestar Galactica and Lost. No less, I had a big part of the season finale ruined for me by Absolute Punk forum members who apparently downloaded a leaked copy of the season finale and have already watched it. Pure crap! Sucks totally, but now at least I am downloading it myself so I can watch it before any more damage is done. Moral of the story? Spoilers suck. Don't spoil things, otherwise spoiler karma will come around and bite you on the butt!


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Sometimes it is difficult and tense being around you during a Pat's game. I suggest you only invite those who understand your idiosyncrasies.

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