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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photographs of Jason and I's parade

Last night was pretty freaking epic, with Colver and I playing an awesome round of frisbee golf, going to the pub quiz at Humpy's with the Crewnit, and ending the night with fun at McGinley's with Amy, Jason and Hannah. The strangest part of the night was unknowingly walking into a victory party for mayoral candidate Dan Sullivan at McGinley's, although in retrospect, given that he owns that bar and that it was election night, we probably should have seen that coming.

This did lead to some awesome, awesome fun for us though, as Jason and I saw an opportunity and joined their parade of celebrators as they stormed the Denai'na Center amidst other candidates and their supporters. We of course had no idea what was going on, but we had fun with the fact that we were essentially infiltrating this grand moment and that people were looking at us with such esteem ("look at those young men! so patriotic!"). Pretty much the entire time that we paraded around the Denai'na with our sign being held by the two of us, we were laughing hysterically.

We ended up getting to the ballroom at the top of the Denai'na and it was like the gang gathering in the Warriors, except you replaced the gang bangers with political enthusiasts and Cyrus with Kiddie Fox.

In short, it was amazing.

Of course, we quickly bailed, drawing the ire of Sheila Selkregg supports and the admiration of a fine young lass (Sullivan supporter) as we went down the escalators. We stepped outside, and a team of Lara Croft supporters (wait? it's Eric Croft? Seriously?) were parading the grounds in much smaller numbers (it was somewhat akin to the disparity in actual votes it turns out), with one of the supporters being an outspoken lady friend of mine who I may or may not have went to two proms with. She scolded me quickly for my Dan Sullivan sign, to which I responded with first apathy and then this nugget:

"I really like parades."

You got beef with that lady? Take it up with whoever made parades so awesome.


Anonymous said...

Oh jesus. This one made me laugh... maybe because I'm kinda drunk.

Patty said...

Only you would remember Kitty(Kiddie) Fox. What a blast from the past.

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