A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition (Pre-Europe Edition)

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 more days. I'm going from really excited mode into ridiculously excited mixed with a hint of "oh my god, why am I going to Europe by myself?" but that is okay. No less, this past weekend featured, as Jason or Hannah would likely say, "everything." It was pretty fantastic. What went down?

  • Taking over McGinley's with a lot of people
  • Rocking Rum Runners and the Avenue with Jason, Joanne, and friends
  • Gumbo House deliciousness with Dad
  • Clothing shopping at 5th Ave. Mall
  • First rounds of Frisbee Golf of the year!!
  • Making cookies with Joanne (delish)
  • Potluck at Cate and Darren's
  • Slumdog Millionaire and the Sound of Music (to prepare for Europe of course!)
  • Breakfast at Middle Way Cafe with Joanne
  • Booking roughly 10,000 hostels/hotels for Europe trip
  • Rock of Love Bussing with Amy, Hannah, and Jason
It was a great weekend, and one full of fantastic happenings. I'd say my favorite thing was the opening of the frisbee golf season. Joanne, Jason, Hannah and I went out to Westchester Lagoon because it was so nice, and it felt so good to be playing again. Alaska just doesn't feel right unless frisbee golf is an option, and having it back was just a blast. Not only that, but I was bombing it right off the bat, starting the year out right.

Plus, we totally created a new FG addict in Joanne, who got discs the next day and is ready for a full season of Anchorage FG courses (possibly with some away games at Peter's Creek even). It's like the Crewnit just brought their missing member back in, gone for the winter but back again like he'd never left. Frisbee golf...we missed you.


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