A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, July 11, 2010
Another weekend down, and one in preparation of a new adventure that I never expected to take. It was a good weekend, and one that was definitely better than the previous one (which was a tad dramatic for my taste). What went down?
  • Getting off work early, time for Frisbee Golf with Marc and Colver!
  • Filming 4 Color News & Brews with Brandon
  • Moose's Tooth with Darren, Cate and Eric
  • Downtown bars (and riding the bull!) with Eric, Cate, Lorna, Cassi and others
  • Hitting up Fire Island with Steph
  • 3rd/4th Place game in the World Cup at the Bear Tooth with Marc and Eric
  • Foosball like CRAZY!
  • Watching Colver and Joanne's softball team with Marc (free beer and burgers!)
  • Grilling and hanging out at Colver and Lorna's with a slew of people
  • World Cup final at my place with Marc, Eric and Colver (horrible game)
  • Frisbee Golf with Marc and Colver (again!)
  • Hula Hands!
  • Cake article writing!
  • Hanging out and watching movies!

Because this isn't necessarily worth a full article (and nothing really stands out as momentous enough to have its own big moment section down here), I figure I'll talk about movies.

Recently I signed up for Netflix on my Xbox 360, allowing me to instantly stream movies via Netflix on my TV...and it is freaking AWESOME.

I've been watching all kinds of movies lately on it, and massively disparate ones at that. In the past two weekends I've watched King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, Ink, 2 Days in Paris, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 180 Degrees South and Zombieland, all without having to move or really do anything besides pressing a few buttons. There are tons of movies that I want to see on there that I haven't seen yet, and it instantaneously makes the whole Netflix paradigm worthwhile for me once again. Plus, with so many movies on there I've never heard of, I may find a new favorite purely by accident.

If you haven't tried it out (and I'm sure you have, because I'm behind on everything cool), I highly recommend it.


Marie said...

Where exactly is there a bull to ride?

David Harper said...

There's a bull at the Gaslight Lounge on 4th Avenue next to the Pioneer Bar. It's really fun and free...but completely ridiculous. Good luck!

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