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"Let the Right One In" >>>>> "Let Me In"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I try not to judge a movie by its trailer too much. Often, films look way more awesome or way worse than they are based off the trailer. I tend to at least give them the benefit of the doubt until I see reviews.

But the trailer for Let Me In, the American remake of the absurdly good Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In is just ridiculous. It looks like it recaps a lot of the moments of the original, it seems to miss the point and the pace of its predecessor. I generally think remakes are a bad idea, especially when recent films that were remarkably fresh are concerned. This isn't just a movie that didn't need to be remade, it shouldn't be remade.

Yet here we are, with video proof of this remake that didn't need to happen. Le sigh...


Troy Olson said...

It's the music...it completely ruins it. Plus that godawful title.

I will say that the scenes they show look to be awfully similar to the original.

Yeah, I probably will pass on this unless I hear otherwise.

David Harper said...

It really is the music. That and the fast cuts throw the entire mood of the trailer off.

The scenes do look fairly spot on though, and perhaps it was an overzealous trailer artist that ruined this effort.

Sara said...

Agreed - Let the Right One In was a great movie, and American remakes of foreign films, in particular, tend to be pretty shitty.

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