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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This man looks like I will very soon

From time to time, I will take a class at the gym that just seems wildly inappropriate for me. Example: back in February of this year when I took my first (and only) spin class. These random voyages into the world of fitness seemingly always turn out well for me, yet an invite into my friend Stephanie's Group Centergy class seemed like a positively bad idea for my body. In case you don't actually know me, I am about as flexible as Frankenstein's Monster, although thankfully I am not green and I do not choke women while kissing them. In my imagination, that lumbering beast doesn't seem the type to excel in a class that fuses yoga, pilates, and Tai Chi into one hellacious mega mix of stretchy exercises, so in my mind, nor would I be.

Yet I went anyways, partially to expand my horizons and partially because I told Stephanie I would. Regardless of the fleeting thoughts of torn muscles and inadvertently harming fellow yogi's, I would persevere. Somewhat predictably, just like I experienced with the spin class before, it ended up really not being that bad. In fact, I would describe it as a greatly enjoyable experience. Everything was fresh and new, and made me feel looser and more lucid than I had in forever. I felt light as a feather, and not because of some sort of pharmaceutical reason (which is always preferable, I'd say). Plus, the class was frequently hilarious to yours truly as I would find myself turning myself into a starfish (that's right) or something of that sort while trying to maintain my balance without obviously falling out of the pose (this went only so well, as I think those aware of mystic north were also quite aware of my overt awkwardness), and then catch myself in the mirror or look at Stephanie and then start grinning uncontrollably because of what I looked like or how I knew I looked.

All in all though it was a great time though. I came out of the class unscathed (along with my fellow classmates) with a whole new appreciation of things of this sort. I'd always looked at it from a distance as something that would be good for me, yet I never tried it for some unknown reason. Now that I have, I feel confident in the likelihood of me trying it again in the near future...like next week.


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