A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, November 23, 2009
Another Weekend Edition almost missed - no more! Of course, this weekend went well into the evening on Sunday and then my Monday night was dominated by my new found love Group Centergy, so there was no time for writing. Thankfully, I'm a persnickety ol' fella.
  • 2012 with Cate (epic in its terribleness - review coming later)
  • Trying Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop with Stephanie for the first time (delicious!)
  • Coaching a BlackBerry training class for work
  • GREEK NIGHT! (lamb/falafel/wine and lots of ridiculousness)
  • Going out on the town with everyone (so much dancing)
  • Middle Way breakfast with Joanne and Eric
  • Getting some writing done
  • Helping Emily set up her new place
  • Watching Goodbye Lenin! with Stephanie and Gen (amidst popcorn wars)
While many wonderful things happened this past weekend, I'll take this time to share something many of you may have missed: my marriage to Joanne Ballagh.

Joanne and I have had a legendary friendship. We've been inseparable for basically the past 11 months and after my good friends Colver and Lorna's wedding, I decided it was time to take that to the next level. That night I texted her and proposed marriage and she accepted. Of course it wouldn't be happening until we were 35 assuming I never met anyone better, but it was a proposal all the same.

Then our ridiculousness sped up the timeline, as we quickly realized being fake married on Facebook would be a hilarious idea. Predictably it turned out incredibly well, as the announcement of our nupitals resulted in an avalanche of text messages and status update comments like the world of Facebook has never seen. It was ridiculous. You would think I just changed my status to "deceased" or something. Things of that nature are sort of Joanne and I's business, and business, my friends, is good.

Like all relationships between star crossed non-lovers though there have been trials and tribulations. One evening she annoyed me and I quickly divorced her, leading to us having a heartfelt embrace at trivia night that week as we discovered we couldn't live without one another. And by hearfelt embrace, I mean she said "it actually makes me sad that we got divorced." and I responded with "I guess we can get "remarried"?" and then we hugged, and by couldn't live without one another I mean we realized it was more funny to have us listed as married.

Strangely enough though, my fictitious wife and I are one of the only purely platonic, simultaneously single, opposite sex pairs I've ever heard of. It's amazing, although I do wish she would hog less of my bed. I guess in some regards it is like a real marriage then.


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