A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition (Thanksgiving Edition)

Sunday, November 29, 2009
The only thing better than a weekend is a long weekend. Well, that and vacation. Vacation definitely beats long weekends. Regardless, this weekend was a holiday weekend and because of that, it was an extended weekend. It found myself getting into all kinds of ridiculous activities because that's what I do, simply put. What went down?
  • Moose's Tooth with Darren, Colver and Eric
  • An Education at Fireweed with Katherina and Kerstin
  • Thanksgiving! Lots of football, food, and family!
  • Friendsgiving at Gen's place (along with a viewing of the Christmas classic Prancer)
  • Working a crazy Black Friday event (lots of talking to customers while being semi-conscious from being sleep deprived)
  • Snow City with Joanne, Kyle and Jessi (Pier 49 Scramble = best thing ever)
  • Taking a crash course on Karl Kerschl's The Abominable Charles Christopher
  • Dinner and tons of ring toss at Snow Goose with Chris and Eric
  • Crush with Chris, Eric, Emily and Katherina
  • Ridiculousness aplenty at Emily's with Chris, Eric and Katherina
  • Two days of Middle Way Cafe avocado breakfast burritos (mmmm)
  • Tons and tons of writing (about comics and Ludacris mostly)
  • The Colver family house warming party (with complimentary airplane rides!)
  • Ballin' at the AK Club with Colver
When I think about it some times, I really have a remarkably easy and fortuitous life. Nearly nothing bad ever happens to me, I have a wonderful family and an incredible group of friends, I accidentally fall into pitch perfect opportunities such as my writing gig for the ADN, and frequently the biggest problem in my life is solving the riddle of what I want to eat for dinner. Woe is me.

Saturday was a great example of this, as I had a brilliantly care free day, mostly based around eating delicious foods, drinking impossibly tasty scotches (so long as it is cut with coke - I'm only so classy) and high class craft beers, and hanging out with my best friends. We played beer pong, gave each other airplane rides, sangalong to Michael Jackson, had hysterical moments of zen featuring girls playing video games, and shared the gift of cream cheese laden hot dogs. That the evening closed with myself falling asleep on a friends couch as we talked about life and how ridiculous it can be was but the icing on the cake.

I know it's not exactly kosher for someone to drone on and on about things of this sort, but sometimes it's impossible to not want to. Ain't life grand? It really seems to be, and has been perpetually for quite some time. Let's hope it stays like that. I'm a firm believer in the concept of life being what you make of it, so I find this to be a very likely scenario.


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