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How Dare You, Coachella?!

Monday, April 12, 2010
It seems like I've been eagerly anticipating the schedule for Coachella since I bought my ticket, and today, FINALLY, they revealed it with four days until the festival. I knew there were likely going to be a number of really difficult choices for me to make, but one is terribly unfair. It's like I'm going to have to choose between my two absurdly musically gifted unborn children. How dare you make me choose Coachella?!

Still, here is my breakdown of my five toughest choices along with what I'll probably do. Probably. We'll see how I am in the heat of the moment. Really, it's not that bad besides number one, but god...that first one kills me!

Either way, I can't wait to make my way to Coachella to have an absolutely incredible weekend of music, sun and fun.

1. Gorillaz (10:30 PM at Coachella Stage) vs. Yann Tiersen (10:40 PM at Mojave Stage) on Sunday

What I'll Probably Do: Really Coachella?! Really?! I have to choose between two of my absolute favorites of the entire festival. REALLY?! Ugh. Well, the good news is Gorillaz should play a fairly lengthy set starting as they are closing the whole thing so I should be able to watch 20 minutes or so of Yann Tiersen to sate my desires a bit before I head to Gorillaz. But do I really dare miss any of the closing set from one of the main headliners? That's a terrible choice, but I'll probably end up watching the first song of Gorillaz, sprinting to Yann for 15 or 20 minutes, and then making it back to rock the party with the rest of the audience.

2. Julian Casablancas (5:35 to 6:20 at Mojave) vs. Charlotte Gainsbourg (5:40 to 6:30 at Gobi Stage) vs. Jonsi (5:55 to 6:45 at Outdoor Theatre) on Sunday

What I'll Probably Do: 20 minutes separate the start times of these three artists, and that pretty much kills me. Three of the artists I was most excited for on the last day all at basically the same time. Sigh...

Well, the good news is I have a clear favorite amongst the three: Jonsi. So odds are what I'll do is catch a song of Casablancas, run over and fawn over Gainsbourg for a few minutes while trying to catch her eye (call me!), and then take in the glory of Jonsi for the whole of his set. That sounds about right.

3. The xx (6:25 to 7:10 at Outdoor Theatre) vs. Dirty Projectors (6:55 to 7:45 at Mojave) on Saturday

What I'll Probably Do: The xx vs. Dirty Projectors. Two huge acts from 2009 that I enjoy greatly, but I can only catch one all the way through...which will I choose? Unless I go to the show and find out they are not good live (not betting on that), I'll almost certainly stay the whole time for The xx and then roll to the DP's for the end of their set. And by that, I mean 20 minutes of it because Hot Chip is going on right after The xx. Damn! Foiled again.

4. MGMT (8:50 to 9:40 at Outdoor Theatre) vs. Major Lazer (9:25 to 10:10 at Mojave) vs. Muse (9:35 to 11:05 at Coachella Stage) on Saturday

What I'll Probably Do: This one is less painful because I don't love the three of these groups. I enjoy MGMT (more excited for the spectacle), I like Major Lazer (more excited just to see what exactly they're going to do), and I sort of love Muse (except their most recent album). With Muse being one of the main headliners and well known for their insane live shows, I'll likely try to catch all of them. That means I'll have to be at Major Lazer pronto for their set, so it will be 30 minutes at MGMT, run to Major Lazer for 10 minutes, and then back to Muse to get my mind blown. I guess that will work...

5. LCD Soundsystem (9:05 to 10:00 at Coachella Stage) vs. Vampire Weekend (9:55 to 10:45 at Outdoor Theatre) on Friday

What I'll Probably Do: This is less of a problem because I can catch all of one of these artists, but the sad thing is I either miss the beginning of VW or miss the ending of LCD Soundsystem. Considering I like LCD Soundsystem a bit more and I'm going to lay the odds very high on Mr. Murphy closing with "All My Friends", I'll stay for that. But it sucks to miss any of Vampire Weekend. Oh well. What are you going to do?


Kellie said...

My two cents??? Want it? Well you're going to get it.
#1: Go with Gorillaz because they don't perform "live" much.
#2: I say Jonsi, Jonathan says Charlotte.
#3: Dirty Projectors DUH!
#4: See Muse live if you haven't it would be fun.

Erik said...

Charlotte hands down, Jonsi is meh, and Julian's solo album sucks
The XX
Major Lazer will be the best show see example a:
LCD Soundsystem

David Harper said...

Erik - Hey! I love Jonsi! You know this, plus, it's the closest I'll probably ever get to seeing Sigur Ros given their indefinite hiatus (aka they probably aren't making music together anymore). I will definitely watch Charlotte for a bit, and Amy said Julian was pretty good so I'll try to catch a song. I like stretching myself thin.

I know Major Lazer will be crazy, but I know Muse will be too. I think Major Lazer will definitely have to happen for a while, especially given how long Muse's set is.

Kellie - DP's over The xx? Blasphemy! xx = glorious.

Kellie said...

xx glorious live? Don't you think DP might bring an alpaca on stage? Yes?!? No? We shall see. Erik-Jonsi is meh? Are you wildly insane?

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