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My Emi Lenox Sketch is in!

Friday, April 23, 2010
Emi Lenox is not a super well known comic creator, but she's rapidly leaping up the ranks in my book because her artistic ability and her incredibly charming work that she does on a constant basis. I love everything she does it seems, so when it came time to donate to help her make mini-comics for Con season, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help.

Plus, you get a sketch for your donation! Totally worth it!

So in between my gallant attempts at making her cry at Emerald City ComiCon, I requested her to make a Pixar/Up! illustration for me as my sketch, and I got it today! To say I am enthused with it is to understate things dramatically...I <3 it like Russell <3's Kevin.

That's a lot of freaking <3 my friends.

Anyways, I highly recommend checking her out and supporting her. Not only is she an awesome cartoonist, but she is a cool person. My Portland friends (that means you Erik, Katie, Sheri and Kim!) should all go visit her at Stumptown Comics Fest this weekend. It's going to be a be a heck of a time, and it's only $6! Screaming deal I say.


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