A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, April 26, 2010
This weekend was my triumphant return to Anchorage after my Coachella trip, and realistically I probably should have taken it easy. Taking it easy is overrated. What went down?
  • Don Jose's with Colver and Lorna
  • Broken Lizard at Wendy Williamson
  • Drinks at Firetap with Lorna, Colver, Amy, Cate and Eric
  • Classy times at an establishment with the initials GABC
  • Breakfast with Amy and Justin at Snow City
  • Slush Cup 2010!
  • Destroying my tire like a freaking idiot on the return from Slush Cup
  • Shutter Island at Bear Tooth with my mom and sister
  • Breakfast with sister at Middle Way Cafe
  • Leisurely writing day that led into a leisurely night of catching up on comics and TV
So the weekend was busy, busy, busy with the exception of my Sunday which was about as lazy as you can get (except for my work out - my near constant consumption of food and no working out was getting to me).

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Slush Cup, which is something that happens every year in Alaska yet I'd never attended. Count that one checked off, as this year Colver and I went and met up with Amy and Justin to have a couple beers and watch some people eat it as they try to make it over a pool on skis and snowboards.

The weird thing about it is the whole exercise is significantly less interesting when the contestants actually make it across. Ideally, they eat it much to the entertainment of yours truly. Well, that's not true. Ideally, they do something insane (i.e. a back flip) and manage to somehow still make it across as their body skips across the water like a really svelte rock. When that happened at this year's Slush Cup, the audience as a whole lost their minds like Jesus just scored the game winning touchdown for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl (because let's face it, Jesus would be a Patriot).

It was a good time, and it was also entertaining for the mere fact that it was the single biggest collective of attractive people I've seen in Alaska ever. Now I know where everyone has been hiding...on mountains on long sticks attached to their feet. No wonder why I never see them.


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