A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Monday, June 7, 2010
After a weekend that had even more awesome because of the extra day in its midst, it would have taken a lot to keep everything going as strong. Given that it's summer in Alaska and the world is my oyster though it was still a phenomenal time even with the slightly shorter weekend than the holiday provided. Why is that?
  • Party down! with Amy, Eric, Cate, and a ton more characters (see picture below)
  • Relaxed day chilling at Amy's watching movies
  • Get Him to the Greek with Colver and Lorna
  • Mexican night at Amy's!
  • Biscuits and Gravy with Cate and Darren (Bear Tooth ftw!)
  • Hiking False Falls Peak with Amy, Stephanie and Olivia (sliding down the mountain!)
  • Frisbee golf with Amy and Emily
  • Garden party with Amy, Puff Daddy, Cornershop, and a lot, lot more
  • Frisbee on the park strip

Another near perfect weekend in the books found me entertained from all types of things provided by the diversity Anchorage offers. While I frequently complain about Alaska during the winter, you rarely see me say anything negative about it in the summertime. Why is that?

Because it's freaking awesome.

Perpetual sunlight and warm weather. The ability to get on the water, get to the mountains, and do anything in between within the city. People that are constantly up for anything because they know winter is always around the corner. Really, you combine those things and you get one hell of a recipe for an awesome time.

Expect many, many more very positive Weekend Editions going forward, assuming we don't have a random snowpocalypse or something of that sort in the near future. *knocks on wood*


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