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We're a Dynasty

Thursday, July 19, 2007
For the second consecutive time, we are Trivia champions at Hooters. The Drunken Cowboys are a dynasty! Sam, Colver, the Tennessee Two (Chris and Johnny), and myself played a very strong game, including a perfect round and a very cunning bet by Sam that carried us to a 1 point victory. From there it was all elementary, we just had to get the final, final question and the $230 was ours. Thankfully, we're Trivia Gods and we won once again. Hooray winning! We celebrated with a fine round of Frisbee Golf afterwards at Westchester Lagoon with our full team and Alex from Hooters. A grand evening was had by one and all, but now we're going to have to go every week to make sure this dynasty keeps on rolling.


koree said...

so i have this website thing on my laptop, and so here i am. i just got on to use the microsoft word because it sucks on our other computer, and thought i'd look around... looks like you've been busy. if you could hear what is going on in my house right now, you'd hear elijah crying.. or wailing... being cranky. he doesn't want to go to sleep, and i think that he is teething still, and just being a brat. lol he's like that now, you know. but you know what i think you should do? fly to vegas because you head to seattle/portland. ;) haha. elijah's birthday is aug 30, so if you came out here for the 29th/30th/31st, then flew up to portland/seattle [whichever first] that'd be cool. haha. then you'd see my parents too. and elijah of course, and me, and you could meet kevin. ;) but yeah, anyways, i probably should get ready for bed too... i'm tired, and i have to get up early because i'm babysitting. nick drops logan off at like 730am. oh, before i forget, i signed into msn earlier [again, because of my laptop] and noticed sobo's name says that he's engaged. when did that happen? i sent a message, but no response. anyhoo.. gotta go. talk to you later.. hope you have a good rest of the work week. ;)

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