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Monday, August 6, 2007
Good evening! Long time no talk my faithful (or attempting to be faithful) blog readers. It is I, your horribly unpunctual writer friend who has either been too busy or too lazy to write on his once dear blog. My apologies, I swear it is the former excuse, although there should always be time for this because I love it so. No less, what am I going to do to make up for this absence? A graphically intensive runthrough of everything I've been doing...well most everything. Let me take you through a couple things that will not be discussed.

I maintain my job at GCI (shockingly regardless of what I do at work or outside of work with coworkers...I kid...mostly) and continue to be well liked and productive. I purchased my ticket to go to Bumbershoot, bought my ticket to Musicfest NW (which the Ticketswest rep swore to me would be a "killer" time...god only knows I love my times to be killer), and am trying to purchase floor "seats" to Muse at the Key Arena so they can better decimate my ear drums for 2 hours before I fly back to Alaska. I continue to exercise (mostly) and continue to be thoroughly David regardless of actions that may take place on days that end in Y.

With all that said, onwards and upwards to what I've been up to and in to! I will be doing it in a method showing either one (or a few) things I like, and then pairing it with something that I don't like so much. This will be indicated by following punctuation, positive being followed by a ! and negative being followed by a ...


Now my very bodacious (a term used here to describe a person unrestrained by convention) friend Alex loaned me this DVD set, swearing by its' sheer fantastic nature. She was most definitely not kidding. I just finished power watching the first season of the Showtime hit starring Mary Louise-Parker as a Pot dealing suburban mother dealing with an insane family, a recently deceased husband, and an absolutely ridiculous neighborhood of suburbanites. It is a treasure, and I love it so. It is also fantastic seeing Romany Malco (Jay from the 40 Year Old Virgin) getting another role worth his talents. The guy rocks, and I love to see anyone from Judd Apatow productions in anything. Definitely check this comedy-drama out, because it is wonderful. Also, look forward to this years theme songs for the show, as many bands are doing covers of the theme song "Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds for the shows credits, including none other than those Indie gods the Shins. Yay Weeds!

Planet Earth!

The most beautiful and peaceful piece of film ever made. Plus, it looks amazing on my TV. I spent an hour or five on Saturday laying about watching this, and I think it may be the first thing I purchase to play on my PS3 as a Blu Ray. So gorgeous. Thanks to Alex for this one as well. It's about time I finally watched all of these.

Flight of the Conchords!

I hated this show when I first watched it. I have to be perfectly honest. It was too weird for even me at first. But then I sat through another one and started to grin a bit. And another one and started to laugh. Now I find this show about the fourth greatest folk parody duo from New Zealand to possibly be the best show on HBO. I'm sorry Entourage, but I really, really like the Conchords. Recommended viewing is either the Mugging or the most recent episode (not sure on the title) where both Bret and Jermaine get girlfriends, except they may just be using Bret for sex. It's a high quality half hour if I do say so myself.

Frisbee Golf...

What's this?! The first negative is to my beloved Frisbee Golf?! How can this be?! The old adage of having too much of a good thing is standing true for my precious Frisbee Golf. My skills have crescendoed, with them now hitting a downward spiral of mediocre putting and sore shoulders. I still love it, it's just we need a break. I'm sorry Frisbee Golf...can you ever forgive me?

Ryan "the Asset" Atkins!

Ryan is up visiting from Idaho/Vegas/California/Continental United States for a week (or 2) and it has been fantastic having him up here. Sure he's put us all to shame with his massive Guitar Hero 2 prowess, sure he does headbutt like a cross between Wesley Snipes and Mel Gibson, but it has been rather entertaining to have him around. Stick around buddy. But not for too long...you're too pretty. Look at Amy in that picture. I'm nowhere to even be found. Yes I am crying while writing this.


Some say the concept of love at first sight exists. I may agree with that. However, if I do agree with that, I have to say hate at first sight exists as well. Given recent events and mathematical concepts, I believe both have been confirmed due to the finding of truth in the latter. That may be really confusing...but it is intentionally so.


I mean come on. Look at that building. And Tetris wouldn't exist without that country! Plus a great Rocky villain came from there. Also, I've noticed one thing over the past few weekends. They produce some very, very attractive women. Congratulations Russia, you now have something be proud of besides the fact you sell Vodka in vending machines. And according to trivia, that is true. Never question trivia.

My knee...

I'm about a month into "I can walk fine but can barely run without pain" and I have to admit, this is a crappy time to be my knee. I've tried to run over the past while, but it's just not doing it for me. Strangely enough, Ryan and I played basketball the other day and it felt fine. Weird huh?

Amy Winehouse! (left) and Lily Allen! (right)

I've been listening to these two lovely ladies a lot lately. Lily Allen was introduced to me last year/early this year by my Mom, and I took a while to get into her but now I call myself quite the fan. Winehouse on the other hand I refused to listen to because I found her to be ridiculously trashy. I still find her absurd, but now she also has the ridiculous talent thing going on. Once I noticed that, it was perfectly simple to get over the other part.

Bagging comics...

No picture, but pictures are unnecessary. Yesterday I bagged comics for over an hour. How lame of a task can you possibly get? I hate things involving tape or cutting or anything of that sort. This is like some sort of massive combination of those things. I never want to bag comics again.

The Bourne Ultimatum!

The third in the series of Bourne books, as written by Robert Ludlum and adapted for film by (in order) Doug Liman, Paul Greengrass, and then Paul Greengrass for a return engagement. This is the best of the series. It has maybe 3 to 5 minutes of intensity let down, but the majority of it feels like someone is grabbing your heart and lungs and screaming "GOOD LUCK!" It defines atmospheric tension in a spy/action movie. Loved it to pieces. One of the best this year so far for sure.

Hollywood at Comic-Con...

Sure a great episode of Entourage took place at the San Diego Comic-Con. That was the tipping point however, and now it has gotten out of control. I watched consecutive 1.5 hour specials on the SDCC on G4TV, and you know what I managed to not see in those 3 hours? Anything about comic books. I plan on going to the SDCC next year, and I also plan on going and actually meeting the artists and writers who make comics so special. As a comic book fan, what more could I ask for? I suppose I could spend my time listening to a presentation about the work put into Good Luck Chuck by the acting superstar tandem of Dane Cook and Jessica Alba, but I'd rather talk to Brian K. Vaughan about how he has made a man and his monkey the best duo in the history of comics or Bill Willingham about how he chooses the Fables to include in his brilliant comic. That's me though, and I am a wee bit of a dork.

The Anchor!

You have no cover, have reasonably priced drinks, good dancing, and good looking girls. You rock! This has been my new favorite dance club.

Platinum Jaxx...

Big cover, expensive drinks, insanely dark, and overly crowded. You suck...and have lost your ranking as Anchorage's best dance club.

Food as crafted by Hippies!

Want good food made in Alaska? Find Hippies. They will lead you to the promised land. Snow City Cafe and Moose's Tooth are two of the best Anchorage has to offer, and both are super duper loaded with Hippies. Coincidence? I think not.

Food as crafted by me...

Don't get me wrong...I can cook. I can make a mean...well...many things. But lately, I've been either supremely lazy or very busy (probably the former on this one) and it just hasn't been happening. Stay away from my cooking...if you can find it. The most complex I get lately is a very well made bagel. I really need to go shopping for food...

Guitar Hero 2!

So much Guitar Hero lately it's blown my mind. Everyone has gotten obsessed with it, and its always an event to play it. Finally it gets what it deserves. Also, google the Guitar Hero 3 video of the expert version of Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames. Talk about a face melter. Hardest game ever. Also, check out Rock Band. It's like Guitar Hero on steroids. Can't wait! Christmas present?

All other videogames...

I miss being a little kid when I could just play games for hours and hours and not feel guilty. But I can't anymore, and that means a game has to be ridiculously good for me to want it. That means this year there will really only be a few games for me. Mass Effect. Guitar Hero 3. Rock Band. Madden '08. Halo 3. Anything else? I don't even know.

No less, that is what I've been up to. Doing my thing, as per usual...whatever exactly that entails. I love my life, and I wouldn't change anything besides there being more hours in the day. Is 36 in one day so much to ask? Then I could blog daily like I want to. Damn you sun! Why can't you be slower. Slow and steady wins the race, haven't you ever heard that? Now I must prepare for bed. Breakfast before work with Senor Atkins. Biscuits and Gravy + Coffee = a happy, happy man. Until we meet again faithful friends.


Secret Admirer said...

Your lack of recent blog activity has left your followers saddened, but your latest glorious addition has us in love with you again. Ryan "The Asset" seems like the coolest guy ever, and your posts were insightful and inquisitive. Well done sir!

Amy said...

That picture of you on the couch still makes me giggle :) And I LOVE being mentioned in your blog, so keep it up. Thanks for leaving out all the embarassing parts about me... keep that up too.

Anonymous said...

And who would be the secret admirer??

Erik said...

You look so weird in that picture. I totally just bought my Seahawks ticket before I read your blog, so I'm still glowing and decided I had to mention it. Sept 23rd, Bengals at Seahawks, I'll be there! I felt so giddy the other day on the way to the Mariner's game because I walked right by Qwest, it made my knees wobble a little bit.

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