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Thursday, August 9, 2007
Every week at trivia I say the same thing (at least in my head). If only we could have a comic book question, because I will be the only person there that can get it. It's like when I watch Jeopardy! and they're announcing the categories, I always say "comics" right before another one is announced because I hope they will finally do that. Neither wish ever comes true.

Until last night.

Ryan and I went to trivia last night and tore it up, keeping in contention for the first two rounds until our new friend Damien (greatest random meeting ever...story later) joined our team. Damien is some guy who had given us answers before, and when he gave us an answer this week we finally said "Why don't you join us?" So he did, and he was very cool, even going so far as to buy our drinks and food at the very end. Thank you Damien! No less, with him on our side in the third round, we were unstoppable, winning the final round 210 to 80 over the closest team. Amazing right? So we were into the final question, and here was my golden opportunity.

A comic question.

When 14 year old Billy Batson changes into Captain Marvel, he has to say the word "Shazam!" What do the letters of Shazam stand for?

Amazingly enough, I knew the S was Solomon, the H was Hercules, the Z was Zeus, and the M was Mercury. Believe it or not, the only two I didn't remember were the only two that differed in options C and D, which were the only possibly correct ones. I looked at the options, and I picked my favorite one.

And I was wrong.

I was absolutely distraught. I had my comic book question, and I missed it. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror. I was devestated. My team was cool with me, and as they said "No one else in the entire place would have even gotten close" but their efforts were for naught. I was distraught. I had my shot for glory. I had my comic book question...and I had gotten it wrong. Absolutely shocking. Sure it was just $100, but at the same time, I feel as if I should have to hand in my member card to the inner circle of comic nerds. I totally blew it.

No less, it was an amazing time. Damien was a cool guy, Ryan and I had a blast, it was fun hanging out with Alex and our other favorite Hooters girls...it was a most excellent Wednesday night. However, that question will haunt me for a while. As soon as I got back to my place, I showed Ryan my Shazam! Monster Society of Evil comic to prove to him why I should have known. I fail at life.

C'est la vie!


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