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Akon and the Wailers

Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Once upon a time, as many of you long time readers know, I went to trivia night every week. Whether it was at Hooters (our favorite until it closed down, sadly), Eddie's Sports Bar, or Humpy's, we loved it. Colver was my partner on a weekly basis, but we also had a rotating cast of characters joining us. Sadly, at some point within the past year we just stopped going altogether. Not sure what it was, but I do know I had a trivia sized hole in my heart (or perhaps that was all of the beer I wasn't drinking and all of the various bar foods I wasn't eating).

Last night marked the return of trivia though, as Colver, Lorna, Eric, Joanne, Kyle and I went to Humpy's for their Tuesday night Pub Quiz. Given that we've had so much turnover on our team, we went with a new team name - Akon and the Wailers (an inside joke about Akon and his reggae sound) - to replace our old team name "Drunken Cowboys." That was our team name for quite some time, so it was sad to see it go. No less, we had our best round ever at the Pub Quiz, which is notorious for being hard as hell to win at. We managed to win one round outright (it was a matching page where you had to match the title of the movie to the sport it was about) and to consistently get 5+ answers right in the ten question rounds.

Besides the fact that we did reasonably well, it just felt good to be at trivia once again. Sitting with friends, drinking some beer, and dropping some (useless) knowledge. If I'm looking to survive another Alaskan winter, I'm going to need a hobby or two. Let's hope trivia becomes one of those hobbies.


Troy Olson said...

That sounds like an awesome hobby...I really need to check that out here in the Salem area.

David Harper said...

Yeah man, you seem like you'd be quite good at it. It's a really good way to spend an evening, and given that Anchorage has two options, I'm sure Salem has to have a few as well. Anchorage is typically copying Oregon's ideas anyways...

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