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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The man, the myth, the legend

Recently, I was stricken with Swine Flu. Okay, maybe it wasn't Swine Flu, but I was horrifically ill. Yet in true David form, when push came to shove and an opportunity to do something truly unique came up, I went for it. Swine Flu be damned, I say!

That opportunity came up in the form of Adam Richman, host and competitor on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. The evening I went home ill Twitter was buzzing with word that Richman himself would be making an appearance at Humpy's a two Wednesdays ago. Given that the show is pretty awesome and that Eric and Darren both like it as well, Cate, Darren, Eric and I went to Humpy's to enjoy the show. Little did we know that we'd get there at 6:45 for him to not even come out until around 9:30 or 9:45. Of course, that would give us ample time to eat, drink (water for myself, tasty beer for the rest), and plan out precisely what we wanted to do when Richman would come out. After much deliberation, Eric, Darren and I decided that we needed to line up and form a high five chain to receive Richman. Of course, thus we did and sure enough, Richman came out to emphatic cheers and awkward high five/pound combinations from us. Less than ideal, assuredly, but entertaining no less.

Richman came out to attempt to eat a foot of reindeer sausage, 3 pounds of crab, 9 crab cakes, half a pound of shrimp, sides, and dessert. Whether or not he did so is unknown, as we left before he started the competition (he was carousing with hot Anchorage women before filming). We did get filmed for a good length of time though, and I did go to the bathroom next to him, giving me the unique perspective of knowing that he both talks on a Bluetooth while peeing and does not wash his hands afterwards. Disgusting for a competitive eater, assuredly.

No less, make sure to watch November 18th. You can see me gorging myself on a Hawaiian burger and looking terribly ill while cavorting with three of my nearest and dearest friends. Ridiculously, of course.


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