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The Iceman Cometh

Monday, October 5, 2009

Similar to what I will look like very soon

My least favorite time of the year is upon us, as we've now come to the point where Alaska goes from summer straight into winter. Allegedly, we're going through fall right now as various people I know insist, but I know better. We're in winter, and every time I wake up I expect to look out the window and see half a foot of the fluffy white stuff. It's already bitter and cold when I walk out for work in the morning, regardless of how I try to deny it by wearing completely incorrect clothing for the temperature. Just an fyi, but that is an absolutely stupid way to deal with winter approaching. All it does is make you really cold, not curb the approach of fearsome cold.

Part of the reason why I don't wear warmer clothing is because I don't really have any. That ties in quite a bit to the fact that I am pretty much the worst Alaskan in the state. During the winter, I'm well known for my terrible decision making when it comes to clothing, and I often attempt to hibernate as much as possible as if I was some sort of human polar bear. Not only do I completely fail at winter, but I also really don't like it. The last few years have been salvageable because of staying busy constantly with friends like Amy, Kim and Hannah being socially inspiring, but with that trio moving and a few of my best friends taking steps towards full out domestication it's going to be more difficult than usual.

So what do I do? Take a lengthy and awesome vacation? Relocate to warmer (not necessarily greener) pastures? Grin and bear it? Who knows. As I frequently discuss with my good friend Kim (the one who left last year), I really feel ready for a change. I felt that way in the summer, and man, now that winter is hitting it really feels time. I think Joanne and I just need to go on The Amazing Race so I can travel, win an awesome competition, and become world famous. Perhaps that's a bit unrealistic, but hey, at least I aspire to awesome goals right? There is the upside that the winter coerces me to go to the gym a lot and work on getting my running times down, so when The Amazing Race does actually call me I'll be ready to kick some ass.


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