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"American Ghetto" Coming Next Tuesday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Portugal. The Man holds a lot of distinctions in my world. Their album The Satanic Satanist was ranked # 2 on my 2009 Best Albums list. I've seen them live more times than any other band (9 times in 3 states). They are one of the rare bands that I've liked every release from.

Plus they are from the same state as me, with a couple of them originating in the Great White North as well. Now, with their new release (fifth in five years!) American Ghetto coming next Tuesday, November 2nd, they are trying something entirely new. I'll just let lead singer (and Alaskan) John Gourley say it for me:

"As much as it was discussed, we honestly feel that 'American Ghetto' is something best left for all of you to do with as you please. On March 2nd we will make this record available to you, press, radio, retail, etc. Nobody gets the record early; we will not be soliciting reviews, airplay or any support from the industry. It is up to you to tweet about #americanghetto or to share or to send friends to buy. If you want to write/blog/play 'American Ghetto,' March 2nd is your opportunity. It will be the same for everyone."
Wow. A very original approach, and something that seems very fitting for the band. Given the first track that was released for free download on their site, titled "The Dead Dog", I can't imagine this won't be another exceptional release from the band. Don't miss this album come next week, and you can bet you'll be seeing a review from me on Tuesday along with tweets aplenty. Let's make our favorite Alaskans a trending topic next Tuesday people.


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