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Multiversity Comics' Saturday Showdown Podcast

Friday, February 19, 2010

In case you missed it last week (which you probably did given that I didn't post it here), my co-writer Brandon Burpee and I launched a new podcast for Multiversity Comics titled Saturday Showdown. So far it's been a pretty decent success, ranking 47th for the last week on YouTube for most new subscribers in the category "Reporters" (sure, that's a lot of qualifiers, but I'll take it).

It's basically the most ridiculous thing ever, but if you enjoy comics and nerdery and things of that sort, you'll probably enjoy this. Do us a favor and subscribe to it if you enjoy it, as we'll be rolling forward with weekly installments (including one at Emerald City ComiCon). Plus, we may be comic nerds but man, we love ego boosts as much as anyone.

At the very least, come back to look at some of the ridiculous things we may do in the future. I'm deciding as to whether or not I can shape my hair to look like Wolverine's hair right now - odds are good. Here's hoping that makes a future edition. If you're really lucky we'll post the true first episode in which we may have had a few too many beers and we had to cut it because of variable quality and our 20 minute show running for over an hour. It was pretty hysterical.


Patty said...

I enjoyed what I could see. It kept quitting throughout the podcast.

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