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Multiversity Comics Update: Version 2.0

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Multiversity Comics, the comic blog I write for, just went through an extensive redesign. The redesign was performed by none other than Sergei Shiryayev, the guy who redesigned my blog, and has already been lauded by a site for its brilliance in design using the Blogger formula. Just a fantastic job by Sergei, thanks man!

Besides the redesign, we've recently launched a forum, new features, loaded up on tons of big time creator interviews, and are actually trying out a gaggle of new writers (who knew that people would actually want to write for us?). Response has been great, as big time comic sites like Comic Book Resources, The Comics Journal and others have steadily linked to us, and it's really exciting. We just keep growing!

The next big step is Emerald City ComiCon, which my co-writer Brandon and I will be attending (with press passes!). While there, we're going to set up interviews with a ton of writers and artists, and will likely set up an Emerald City ComiCon version of our Saturday Showdown podcast (premieres this Saturday!). I really can't wait for all of that, but definitely check us out if you have any interest in comics or genre fiction.


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