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Reversal of Fortune

Saturday, June 23, 2007
First up, making up for lost time. I've been a busy little guy lately and I want to make sure I post everything, so I'm going to have three blog posts today.

The title of this post is in reference to a potential corner being turned. Admittedly, I've been on an ice cold streak with girls for a while now. However, recently things have been going differently. Seemingly I'm drawing far more interest from the fairer sex and I am not sure why. Could it be because I lost weight? My sunglasses make me devilishly handsome? The sun I've been exposed to has created a tan that is irresistible? No idea, all I know is based off Sam Law (or the Scientific Method of Sam) girls are way more interested in me than before. Sam Law (or SMS) is a simple concept based around the idea that if you smile at a girl and you get a smile back that there is a base level of interest in you, and that is when you go in to introduce yourself. Last summer, my response rate was pure crap. Now? All time high. See chart below for empirical data...

Absolutely incredible turn around on my part, and it is climbing on a day to day basis. It is all pretty scientific, I should include a legend or some sort of base explanation for the chart, but its very technical and I don't want to get into those kinds of details here. The grand point of this all is I met a very nice girl on Thursday at the Matisyahu concert. I very much enjoyed her, and I actually managed to get her phone number. Now here is the tough part...getting over my sucking at girl. I made a good start, now I just have to:

  • Take phone
  • Use phone to call girl
  • Ask out on date
  • Not bomb date
  • Profit?

For those that have met me, which is likely 100% of you, this is not as simple as you would generally think and you all likely know this. For the first time in a while though, I'm feeling pretty good about not messing it up. That's a pretty big deal in my book.


Katie said...

Go David, go david! I concur with the whole smile-smile back thing, totally true. And as an addition to that, if she gives a wimpy smile and then casually looks away, she was only being polite. But, I'm sure you could have figured that out! All I gotta say is, pick up the phone and take three minutes to potentially change your life!

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