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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I finally purchased my ticket to Europe. While it set me back quite a bit (although a bit less than it would have been without assistance - thanks Bekah...err...I mean Anonymous!), I think my finalized skeleton itinerary is set. Now I just need to fill in the details exactly (with guidance by Rick Steves, I will prevail!) and I will be well on my way to an amazing trip.

My current break down is as follows: April 10th to 15th in England, April 16th to April 19th in France, flight out the night of the 19th to Prague, the 20th and 21st in Prague, the 22nd to the 24th in Austria, and the 25th to May 3rd with Hannah and Kim in Italy! I'm getting a pretty good start on locking down the minutiae to make this trip as awesome as I think it can be, but man, am I excited. It's already the best ridiculously large sum of money I've ever spent, and I haven't even taken the trip yet!


Anonymous said...

Wow, is this your new way of responding to texts? And, you're welcome. But thanks for blowing my cover! Now everyone will know who Anonymous is! That was cold.

Troy Olson said...

Your itinerary looks like it has the perfect amount of time in each place you are going (and quite similar to when Tricia and I went, so maybe I'm biased). Anyways, it will be money well spent - Europe is tons of fun!

Sam said...

That's going to be sick dude. I'm stoked for you. Make sure to get some funny pictures on the Vespa

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