A Slice of Fried Gold

The Weekend Edition

Sunday, February 15, 2009

One week from one of the worst weekends in recent memory, I predictably had one of the best weekends in the last while. Oh, how a week will change things. What happened?

  • Crush with Hannah, Amy, and Cate
  • Bagging and boarding hundreds of comics plus the Reader with Hannah and Amy
  • Battlestar Galactica! Five more episodes!
  • Coffee with my sister
  • Sweet, sweet Middle Way with some travel research thrown in there
  • Bstar Glac with Hannah
  • Valentine's Day dinner at Suite 100 with Amy, Hannah, Cate, Jason, and Amy's mom
  • V-Day party at Rebecca and Christina's
  • Lunch with Hana
  • The world's most epic one on one basketball game ever against Colver (game to 15, win by 2 - final score: 33 to 31 me)
  • NBA All Star Game
While the whole weekend was great, the highlight was definitely the Valentine's Day dinner (super delicious!) and the party it led into. The party was great for a number of reasons: spending Valentine's Day with some of my favorite people, playing Edward Fortyhands (and dominating it) for the first time, crazy pictures, interrupting girl talk, making new friends, Blue Album singalongs, and getting too stuffed to even function as a human being.

Really, it was the perfect Valentine's Day to spend while not in a relationship. It was a ton of fun, I got to spend it with great people, and I cannot say anything but great things about the dinner and the party. What an awesome weekend.

David Fortyhands


JManda said...

This is awesome.

Also, I'm hoping you'll be around in September so that you can show me all these new places you're talking about...I'm so out of loops.

David Harper said...

You better believe I'll be around...you're coming to AK? That sounds fantastic. How long? What for? I need answers lady!

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