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Monday, February 9, 2009

The Get Up Kids

While perusing Absolute Punk (my strange, strange addiction to that site, a website which celebrates a genre of music I no longer listen to, never ceases to amaze me), I amused myself by checking out the thread that announced Brand New was visiting Alaska and responding to the range of statements that essentially said "Alaska? Seriously?" However, one comment got me excited, and then led to the discovery of something awesome.

Recently reformed indie pop all stars the Get Up Kids are coming up to support Brand New at their Alaskan date.

This is a band I had just started to get into right as they broke up, and is a band that is packed with talent. Band member side projects include the New Amsterdams, Reggie and the Full Effect, Blackpool Lights, and Koufax, all of whom I enjoy, but none as much as the Get Up Kids. It's like this show just got twice as awesome as it was before.

Because it literally did just get twice as awesome.

Very excited for March 28th now.


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