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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe

This week the new volume of Scott Pilgrim came out, and the world of comic fans frothed at the mouth in anticipation. Scott Pilgrim is one of the most original and entertaining books out there, and it'd been far too long since a new volume.

Problem is, the new one was looking like it was going to be really hard to find. I had called around town to no avail, as all of the Anchorage comic stores were not getting any in and book stores were not to receive it until the end of the month. Plus, I started to hear that nationally, a lot of stores were drastically understocked.

This was terrible! I can't believe I wasn't going to be able to get my Scott Pilgrim fix for a week (or maybe more! oh no!). What a tragedy?!

Enter Wednesday late afternoon as I headed in to Bosco's, my local comic shop. I spotted Will, the best comic shop employee ever, and quickly asked him about the Scott Pilgrim status.

"I think we got one...but it may have been for someone else."


After about 15 minutes of talking about other books, he wandered behind the counter and grabbed the copy and gave it to me. This unbelievably shiny and amazing looking copy.

I thought of doing some sort of jig, but I realized that would be weird. So I just excitedly hopped up and down and made unintelligible sounds. It was way less weird.

I guess the general thesis of this is that it pays to be King Dork. Repeatedly going to the same comic shop, talking to the same employees, getting to know all of them...it pays off for a nerd. I mean come on, I'm quite possibly the only person in Anchorage who has the new Scott Pilgrim. That's pretty sweet if you ask me.


Tyler said...

Asshole! I hate you sometimes; you with your stupid, lucky moments of luck and stupid.

Enjoy your book!

David Harper said...

Oh I will. And it isn't luck...it's frequenting the same store since I was like...6.

Tyler said...

Fair enough! I ordered mine last night, Amazon style. You said it ships next week, right?

Patty said...

No such thing as luck, you make your own.

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